Interview with Coleman Charlton

ColemanColeman Charlton is one of the most famous American game designers of role-playing games. He was one of the founders of Iron Crown Enterprises and is regarded as the main designer for the Rolemaster and Middle-Earth role-playing game systems in 80’s and the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game years later in 90’s. At Iron Crown Enterprises he served as the Editing and Development Manager where he designed and developed a variety of games winning awards for the Lonely Mountain board game and the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game. In the late 90’s, Coleman Charlton and Pete Fenlon, his long-time colleague from ICE, joined the Mayfair Game’s Studio that is very famous for a long list of boardgames and an own war-game of the Civil War called Clash of Wills. Coleman has also done freelance writing and design for a wide variety of projects like an online mystery game as a promotion for Steven Spielberg’s Artificial Intelligence film and Catan Online for Castle Hill Studios and Microsoft. Coleman Charlton is a big expert about Middle Earth of Tolkien and one of the biggest in role-playing games. Leer más “Interview with Coleman Charlton”