Interview with Michael O’Brien, the Vice President of the New Chaosium

Michael O’Brien is Vice President for Chaosium. His role encompasses creative development, community outreach and commissioning new board games and fiction.

Michael, better known in the gaming community as “MOB”, he has been a long-time creative force for RuneQuest and Glorantha. MOB with Rick Meints, David Hall, Nick Brooke and others staffed the leading Glorantha fanzine Tales of the Reaching Moon (1989-2002).  As well as being a contributor to the critically acclaimed Guide to Glorantha, his professional writing and editorial credits extend back to the “RQ Renaissance” of the early 1990s.

Michael published two issues of another fanzine, the Glorantha Con Down Under fundraiser Questlines. These were published in 1995 and 1998 as fund-raisers for gaming conventions held in Melbourne, Australia.

Michael also created Gorp #1 (Summer, 2000) a fake fanzine that purported to be a rare collectible from 1982.  This magazine was produced for a British gaming convention in 2000, and because it nevertheless featured original material by Ken Rolston, Greg Stafford, David Hall and O’Brien, Gorp.

In 2015 MOB became a co-owner of Moon Design Publications, along with Rick Meints, Jeff Richard and Neil Robinson. Later that year as part of an announcement by Greg Stafford that Moon Design Publications had joined the ownership group of game company Chaosium, O’Brien became vice president of Chaosium.

MOB is a member of Chaosium’s Board of Directors.

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Interview with Jeff Richard, the Vice President and Creative Director for Chaosium


Jeff Richard is Vice President and Creative Director for Chaosium. Born in California, long-term resident of Seattle,  Jeff is rumored to now reside in fortified bunker somewhere deep in Berlin.

He is the lead author of the Guide to Glorantha, HeroQuest Glorantha, the new Chaosium edition of RuneQuest, and the Prince of Sartar webcomic, as well as numerous other supplements and articles. Jeff has been the creative director and editor-in-chief of all things Glorantha since 2008.

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Interview with Rick Meints, the President of the New Chaosium


Rick Meints is an American game designer known for his contributions to the fantasy game world of Glorantha and the RuneQuest RPG.

He was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan the same year that Glorantha was in 1966. After spending 25 years as a corporate trainer in the automotive industry he became the full-time President of Chaosium in 2015.

His career in the gaming industry started in the mid 90’s when he moved to the UK and helped with the layout for Tales of the Reaching Moon magazine, the British fan publisher that was the center of Glorantha culture at that time. His Gloranthan and RuneQuest roots stem back to the late 70s. An avid RPG collector, his love of all of Chaosium’s publications, plus anything Gloranthan or RuneQuest in nature has earned him the nickname “Mr. Suitcase” or “Monsieur Valise”. His Meints Index to Glorantha is the comprehensive product guide to all Gloranthan publications, games, conventions, and miniatures produced from 1975 to 1997. In 1999, Rick founded Moon Design Publications, with the launch of the Gloranthan Classics line of reprints of classic RuneQuest 2nd and 3rd edition material. Furthermore, he was the publisher of Mythic Russia (2006), The Guide to Glorantha (2014) and HeroQuest: Glorantha (2015).

In July 2015, Greg Stafford and Sandy Petersen announced that the management team of Moon Design Publications had joined the ownership group of their iconic game company, Chaosium. Meints formally became president of Chaosium with Stafford transitioning to being chairman of the Board of Directors.

Rick is a member of Chaosium’s Board of Directors and an author in roleplaying games.

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Novedades: Crowdfunding de Khan of Khans


Cada uno de vosotros representa un kan de las grandes tribus de Prax que envía a sus guerreros a saquear las ricas y verdes tierras del Paso del Dragón. Este año, la suma sacerdotisa de los rebaños ha decretado que el kan que le traiga más riquezas del Paso del Dragón en forma de cabezas de ganado será nombrado «kan de kanes», ¡el kan supremo de Prax! ¡Tú podrías ser ese kan!

La suma sacerdotisa ha creado unos corrales especiales para que podáis guardar las vacas que consigáis, pero cuidado, cada corral solo se puede usar una vez. Todo el ganado que siga en vuestro rebaño al final de la temporada de saqueo también se tiene en cuenta para la puntuación final… ¡pero vigilad con las estampidas, la magia enemiga y con el resto de jugadores que quieren robaros las vacas! Leer más “Novedades: Crowdfunding de Khan of Khans”

Interview with Greg Stafford


Greg Stafford is one of the most famous American game designers of role-playing games. He is well known as the designer for his masterpiece, the Arthurian chivalric role-playing game Pendragon, as the creator of the fantasy world of Glorantha and co-designer of the RuneQuest.

He established The Stafford Chaosium in 1975. That same year he published his first fantasy board game with White Bear & Red Moon set in the world of Glorantha. However, in a few years those had grown to be a series of board games and a company called The Chaosium. The Chaosium’s first roleplaying game, RuneQuest, was published in 1978. Runequest was based on the world of Glorantha, Greg’s fantasy world that he first discovered in 1966. A complete list of roleplaying games which he wrote or contributed to includes: RuneQuest, Thieves World, King Arthur Pendragon, Prince Valiant, GhostBusters, HeroQuest, and the computer game King of Dragon Pass.

Furthermore, he contributed to around 100 supplements and articles in the game industry. In 1998 he left Chaosium with the rights to Glorantha intact, and started a short-lived company called Issaries, Inc. which published Glorantha games. He sold the Glorantha game rights to Moon Design Games, which has continued the tradition of the fantasy world games. He continued and continues to work on King Arthur Pendragon up to this time.

Supported by Sandy Petersen, he returned to Chaosium in May 2015.

Greg is one of the biggest authors in roleplaying games.
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