Interview with Ross Cowman


Ross Cowman is a game designer from Olympia, Washington. He was born in Seattle, but grew up mostly in Kirkland. He moved to Olympia for college in 98′, where he has been since.

He is the author of Fall of Magic, an indie roleplaying game wich was founded in a successful crowdfunding in Kickstarter with around thousand backers.

Ross Cowman

Born in: Seattle

Date of birth: July, 26, 1979

Twitter: @rosscowman


Favorite role-playing club: Story Games Olympia

Favorite book: Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

Favorite role-playing game: Apocalypse World

Favorite boardgame:  Battlestar Galactica

Favorite wargame: RuneWars

Juegos y Dados – Welcome Ross, thank you so much for your collaboration. It is an enormous pleasure that you are here with us.

Ross – Thank you for inviting me, the pleasure is mine!


Juegos y Dados – How did you begin in the world of role-playing games and what was the first roleplaying game that you played?

Ross – When I was 8 years old my mother bought me a used of blue-book D&D (the 1974 edition) I began to play on my own. I would just make characters and play through the dungeon in the back of the book. Rolling dice and talking to myself in my bedroom. Eventually I found out my friend Blake played D&D and he showed me how to do it the “right” way. We went over to stay the weekend with my father. He lived on a boat in Seattle at the time. We played through the Cavern’s of Chaos together. Blake didn’t want to Dungeon Master so I took on the task with his help. We forgot to bring dice so we made our own using cups and small pieces of paper with numbers drawn on them. Instead of rolling you would pull a piece of paper from the proper cup and that was your result. I had so much fun that weekend and was pretty much hooked for life after that.

Juegos y Dados – Have you ever written or contributed in other roleplaying game?

Ross – I have two other published games: Life on Mars and Serpent’s Tooth. In addition I designed Night Forest and co-designed Best Friends Forever with Terri Cohlene and Taylor Dow, we plan to release these games sometime this winter and spring.

Juegos y Dados – How did you get involved in Fall of Magic?

Ross – I had the idea a couple of years ago and submitted it to OCTO: Games of Autumn, a 1 page RPG magazine. My thought was to make a fantasy game that focused on the descriptions of travel and all of the feasting, and the changing relationships like in fantasy novels. I love talking about food and relationships!


Juegos y Dados – Fall of Magic is an amazing RPG. Do you think that is a good system to introduce the new RPG gamers or is better for players of old school?

Ross – It is great for new players. The style of play is conversational, so anyone with conversation skills can play.

Juegos y Dados – Fall of Magic was a successful crowdfunding. What do you think about so many people with a copy in their homes?

Ross – I love it. People are always posting stories of their travels. I never get tired of hearing all of the creative responses people have to the game.


Juegos y Dados –I would like to hear about a funny moments in the role-playing stories.

Ross – We had a funny conversation about drinking pig-milk. I don’t think people do that do they? Is it because it is gross, or just because pigs have short legs and it is hard to get under there?

Juegos y Dados – How often do you play games? Which ones?

Ross – I play games most days. I’ll try anything. Some games I like include, Hot Guys Making Out, My Daughter Queen of France, Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, Magic: the Gathering, Starcraft 2, Braid, Fiasco, to many to list here!

Juegos y Dados – What do you think of the RPG industry nowadays?

Ross – Wow, that is a big question! I think the push for more diversity in gaming is a powerful and necessary force in the industry today. Games like Bluebeard’s Bride, Monsterhearts, and Dog Eat Dog had really shown me all the richness that come with having a diversity of perspectives.

In addition crowdfunding has made it possible for many niche games to break out and become hits. You don’t have to ask permission anymore to make things. If you have an idea and enough people like it, you can make it!


Juegos y Dados – Is there anything else you would like to tell fans?

Ross – If you’re interested in keeping up with my work and play you can follow me on twitter Heat of the Deernicorn.

Juegos y Dados – Thank you so much for your time. We are very happy for your collaboration in this interview with Juegos y Dados.

Ross – Thank you!


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