Interview with Steve Jackson


Steve Jackson is one of the most famous game designers. He founded Steve Jackson Games in 1980 and is well-known for his role-playing games like GURPS and In Nomine, live role-playing game Killer, and famous boardgames like Ogre, Car Wars, Illuminati, Chez Geek and Munchkin. Steve Jackson is one of the hugest geeks in role-playing and boardgames.

Steve Jackson

Born in: Oklahoma

Date of birth: They didn’t have calendars back in the Late Cretaceous. It was cold outside.

Personal blog: Only the Daily Illuminator:


Favorite role-playing club: No clubs.

Favorite book, RPG, and so on: I can’t possibly list favorites. I like too many.

Favorite boardgame: As above but the one I have been playing most lately is Splendor.


Juegos y Dados – Welcome Steve, it is an enormous pleasure that you are here. Thank you so much for your collaboration.

Steve – My pleasure, and thank you for helping to keep game journalism alive and active.

Juegos y Dados – How did you begin in the world of role-playing games?

Steve – I was introduced to D&D when I was in college in the late 70s. One thing led to another!

Juegos y Dados – Have you ever been GURPS Master? I would like knowing funny moments in the role-playing stories.

Steve – Oh, many times. Most of the individual moments were sort of “you had to be there,” but in general, any time the dice roll an 18 or a 3, fun is had. One of the best die-roll stories came from Brazil, in fact, and was not even in a game. I was a guest at an event, and it was autographing time. A gamer came up to me with a stack of photocopies (bad, but I understand how that can be necessary to play in Brazil) and they were of D&D (which of course is not a game I worked on). So I handed him three dice and said “Roll.” He rolled a 3. I signed his photocopies!!!

Juegos y Dados – How did you decide to found you own company?

Steve – To make the long story short: I wanted creative freedom.

Juegos y Dados – You have all kind of games, strategic, board, cards, role-playing… Do you like any kind specially?

Steve – I like the one I am working on at the moment!

Juegos y Dados – I suppose that you met some of famous designers of that age. Could you explain any story?

Steve – Too many 🙂  The scariest one also came from Brazil, when Dave Arneson was a fellow guest. I really liked Dave; his death was a great loss. But it almost happened years earlier, because he got a bad infection in his teeth while in Brazil. He was taken to the hospital and they took great care of him and got him home safely, but he missed half the convention, and apparently his life was really in danger for a little while.

Juegos y Dados – Do you think publish any new role-playing game in the future?

Steve – Maaaaaaybe 🙂  That would be telling!

Juegos y Dados – Changing the topic, you have one of the best games. Illuminati and Munchkin are very famous games. What do you think about so many people with a copy of Munchkin in their homes?

Steve – I think they are showing excellent taste and will probably get better jobs and sexier Significant Others because of it.

Juegos y Dados – How often do you play games? And what?

Steve – It varies. Almost all my playing now is at conventions and playtest sessions… and those happen when they happen. And again, almost all my games are tests of new Munchkin sets or brand new games that might someday see print.

Juegos y Dados – Thank you so much again for your time. We are very happy for your collaboration with Juegos y Dados.

Steve – Obrigado!

GurpsEspero que hayáis disfrutado de la entrada tanto como yo, hasta la siguiente entrada…

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